Drew Mills

Reason for taking CSCE 445

This website was developed as an assignment for Dr. Shipman's Computers and New Media class at Texas A&M University. I chose this class because I am curious about the future of interactive media. I love video games and other interactive styles of entertainment. I'm excited to see how mediums like virtual and augmented reality will grow and evolve. I am also interested in helping shape the future of video games.


The types of media I interact with on a weekly basis can be broken up into 3 main categories: text, video, and audio. Text is then subdivided into means of direct communication such as email and text messaging, but also includes social media like Twitter, and news websites such as Ars Technica, Eurogamer, and Giant Bomb. Audio includes music sources such as Spotify and SoundCloud, but also includes weekly podcasts such as the NPR Politics podcast, The Indicator, Planet Money, the Giant Bombcast, and My Brother, My Brother and Me. Video can be subdivided in to more traditional video media viewed on the internet such as YouTube and anime, while it also includes video games such as Fire Emblem: Heroes and Overwatch.
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